is a safe and modern e-shop desinged after an extensive research on what a customer need.

Our aim is to offer you “Everything” at the best prices! For this reason, apart from our own imports, we cooperate with 42 Greek Delegations. its exclusively an online store with two points of shipment in areas of Athens and Thessaloniki. Thus, it retains the advantage of distributing orders appropriately to cover all areas but also to avoid additional costs.

AlfaTrade also imports products from Drift Innovation, Removu and Wheel Stand Pro, which you can find at

Drift Innovation: Drift Innovation is made up of a team of people and they are creating innovative products at competitive prices. The company design Action Cameras and a plethora of accessories for them.

Removu: Removu is a company that designs and builds products for GoPro cameras and other imaging devices. Removu’s vision is to create innovative products that meet the needs of users.

Wheel Stand Pro: This company is considered to be the leader in the production of wheelhouse bases. These bases stand out for their quality, durability and stability.