Company Profile

Alfa Trade OE is a dynamic company founded in 2010 in difficult times for Greece with smart moves and trust in people, managed in a very short time to acquire a large network of partners. In few years, the company managed to successfully import and distribute innovative products in the Greek market and Balkans.

The headquarter is strategically located in the heart of the Balkans in Thessaloniki. The company is the official distributor of many brands in Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M and Albania.

Business philosophy

What you earn by cooperating with us


Alfa Trade has made every effort to find and distribute truly innovative products. In fact, the ultimate goal of innovative products is to truly...


In today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive environment, businesses of all industries have recognized the importance of speed. Alfa Trade is...


Alfa Trade strives for true customer satisfaction, aiming to create the conditions for a stable and mutually beneficial business relationship. One...

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Our mission

Alfa Trade was established to provide the best after-sales service. Since its creation two years ago, the company has remained stable to this mission, emerging as the company with its more loyal customers - resellers - partners.

To achieve this mission, Alfa Trade is committed to providing solutions that accurately meet the requirements of resellers - partners with features, quality and speed.

In addition, we carefully choose our resellers and try to share our vision with them for the satisfaction of the end customer. Our goal is to make Alfa Trade a synonym for trust and excellent service.

Βusiness processes

Alfa Trade is co-ordinated with the demands of the era and wants to provide innovative solutions and products that meet the needs of its resellers and associates as quickly as possible. Instead of adopting a traditional corporate structure, the company was created around the nature of its activities, offering the maximum performance, flexibility and adaptability.

Alfa Trade has strong channels of communication with customers, utilizing b2b, as well as its suppliers, by delivering feedback, to understand the concerns of resellers and end-users in real time as these evolving.

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Retail sale

In case you are interested in any of the products we distribute and you have not been able to find it, do not hesitate to contact us and we will direct you to the nearest store that has the product you are interested in.

In the event that there is no dealer near you, it is possible for us to send you the product directly from our warehouse without being charged shipping costs and payment costs.